OceanLink is a project within the National Science Foundation's EarthCube initiative.

A wide spectrum of maturing methods and tools, collectively characterized as the Semantic Web, is helping to vastly improve the dissemination of scientific research. Creating semantic integration requires input from both domain and cyberinfrastructure scientists. This project will demonstrate semantic technologies through the integration of ocean science data repositories, library holdings, conference abstracts, and funded research awards.

To meet these objectives, this project is carrying out exploratory research on applying semantic technologies to support data representation, discovery, sharing and integration. We are developing, integrating, and testing prototype semantic cyberinfrastructure components in support of the geoscience research community. The result will be an initial collection of ontology design patterns, Linked Data collections and associated services to enhance data and knowledge discovery, interoperation, and integration. These will serve as demonstrations and exemplars of current semantic capabilities and best practices for semantic technologies. This project involves experienced researchers and students from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Wright State University, Columbia University, Marymount University, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.